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STTOKE Reusable Cup LARGE / Luxe Black

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The LARGE size vacuum insulated tumbler was specially ordered from STTOKE,
The lid has been updated to a fully sealed model with an updated lid specification, which prevents it from heaving even when laid on its side.
The luxurious design is laser engraved with the XG logo,
Luxe black is used for the colour.

STTOKE is a reusable cup from Australia that combines beauty and ecology.

In its first year, STTOKE has won the Good Design Awards Australia 2018 Gold Award for its high design as well as its functionality. Its elegant design enriches your lifestyle just by using it.

1. ceramic coating
The inside, which is in direct contact with the drink, is coated with ceramic by Greblon of Germany.

The stainless steel body is coated only on the inside with a ceramic coating, which shuts out metallic odours and preserves the original taste and aroma of the drink.

The technology and safety of Greblon's ceramic coating has also been certified by independent institutions such as TÜV Rheinland. 2.

2. high heat and cold retention thanks to vacuum insulation
STTOKE is well insulated with a double-insulated structure. It has a high heat and cold retention effect.
It is lightweight and easy to carry, yet boasts specifications of 3 hours for keeping hot and 6 hours for keeping cold. (Temperature drop: 2°C in 10 minutes / temperature rise: 2°C in 6 hours).
*Please note that the temperature may vary greatly depending on the environment, such as room temperature.

The outside and inside are well insulated, so the heat of the contents is not transferred to the hand and there is no risk of burns. No condensation and no ice melting over a long period of time, even when cold drinks are added.

Fits all sizes of major coffee chains, so you can use it as your own cup.

3. beautiful design
The silhouette of the smooth, curved rim (drinking cup) is not only beautiful but also convenient.
Firstly, it fits in the hand and is very easy to hold. It is also easy to drink from, as the contents flow into the mouth with only a slight tilt.
The wide mouth also makes it easy to wash and suitable for drinks such as lattes.

4. Special parts
The bottom of STTOKE is fitted with rubber parts. When placing a cup on it, it prevents it from slipping and reduces the risk of it being knocked over. In addition, it also plays a role in shock absorption. If you have ever had to put your mug down in a quiet office and it makes a loud noise, STTOKE allows you to enjoy your drink stress-free.

If you can't finish your drink, you can still take it out using the STTOKE LID (lid). The STTOKE LID has been improved to be more leak-proof than ever before and can be used with peace of mind. Seamless use on the go and at home.
*Please read the ‘Precautions when using’ on the packaging before use.

Size] Body: approx. 144 mm (height) x 60 mm (width)
Sticker: approx. 90 mm (width) x 40 mm (length).
Capacity] LARGE (12oz/355ml)
Weight] Approx. 250g
Body: Stainless steel Lid: Plastic (BPA-free)
Accessories] Lid (screw-on: leak proof), sticker
Country of origin: China

The lid is completely watertight under our own test environment. However, because complete watertightness originates from the operating environment, we cannot compensate for any loss caused by leakage in the event of leakage.

Keep out of reach of children.
-Safety precautions.
Take care to avoid burns.
Do not use for any purpose other than filling drinks.
Do not use in a microwave oven.
Keep away from fire, such as stoves and stove tops.
Do not alter, disassemble or repair.
Do not use if noise is heard from inside the vacuum-insulated structure.
-Cautions for use.
Do not leave the cup in a metal drainer basket as this may cause the paint to peel off at the mouth of the cup.
Do not leave the cup in a metal drainer basket as this may cause the paint to peel off.
When opening the lid and drinking spout, be careful not to blow out the lid due to internal pressure and open it slowly.
Do not drop, hit or otherwise subject the bag to strong impact.
Do not poke it with a fork or other sharp-edged object.
Do not drink more than the maximum amount.
Do not boil the product.
Do not store in a refrigerator.
Before placing the product in a bag, etc., turn the product upside down and check that there are no leaks.
When placing the product in a bag, etc., place the product vertically to prevent leakage in case of accident.
Tighten the lid tightly and check that it is closed.
Make sure that the flip is securely pushed in and closed.
Make sure that the flip is pushed in securely and that it is closed.
The Elle and Grande sizes have achieved complete watertightness of the lid under in-house test conditions, but as complete watertightness depends on the operating environment, we cannot compensate for any loss caused by leakage.
For Elle and Grande sizes, tighten the lid until the STTOKE logo on the body is aligned with the flip of the lid. Failure to do so may result in leakage.
After use, wash immediately and dry thoroughly.
If stains are noticeable, use oxygen bleach on the inside only.
Imported from:
STTOKE Japan (Fun Project Co., Ltd.)


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