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XG × Original Tamagotchi Produced by CHISA

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Release date:May 1, 2024
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The collaboration between XG and Original Tamagotchi has come to fruition, with seven XG members producing the design of the Original Tamagotchi itself! The member-produced 'XG x Tamagotchi', which has already been shown on XG's YouTube channel and has become a hot topic of conversation, was announced as a surprise project when the members visited Bandai's headquarters blindfolded.The 1st Mini Album released in September 2023, ‘ NEW DNA", and the timing of the release of the Western version of Original Tamagotchi in Japan in 2022, when XG made their debut, made it clear that XG and Original Tamagotchi resonated with each other, making this collaboration possible. The designs full of individuality of the members are particular about the texture and colouring, and can be used not only to enjoy the game, but also as an accessory, and please enjoy every detail of the ball chain and packaging in the members' colours.

Size] Main body: approx. 43 mm (width) x 54 mm (length) x 18 mm (thickness).
Weight] Approx. 25g
Material] ABS, PC, SI
Country of origin] China

The programme is the same as GEN1 of the Original Tamagotchi series.
The battery is not included in this product. A lithium coin cell CR2032 x 1 (sold separately) must be inserted.  


<To our customers who have purchased this product, please be sure to read this section. >
This product is intended for use by children aged 15 and over. Do not give this product to children under the target age.
Please be sure to read the instruction manual. Use of batteries may cause overheating, rupture or leakage. Pay attention to the following.
If a coin cell battery is swallowed or liquid leaking from a coin cell battery gets into the eyes, consult a doctor immediately. If leaked liquid gets on skin or clothing, wash with water.
Coin cell batteries are dangerous if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.
● Coin batteries should be replaced by a parent or guardian.
● Make sure that the + and - (plus and minus) terminals are set correctly.
Do not short-circuit, charge, disassemble, heat or put into fire.
When disposing of the battery, follow the disposal instructions of the local authority.

<Cautions on use.
Do not use the product in a place where it is likely to be damaged.
Discard the plastic packaging immediately after opening the package.
Do not place this product on plastic sofas, sheets or tiles. The colour may transfer if the product is in contact with them for a long period of time.
Do not pull or bend the moving parts or mounting parts strongly in an unreasonable direction.
If the screen display becomes difficult to see, replace the coin cell battery with a new one.
This product consists of precision electronic components. Do not drop, wet, pollute or disassemble the product. Do not use or store the product in areas subject to high or low temperatures.
If the watch malfunctions, press the reset switch and switch the power back on.
Clock accuracy: within ±10 seconds per day.


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