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【Build-To-Order】XG × GUCCIMAZE Long Sleeve Tee

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Release date:November 13, 2023
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GUCCIMAZE is a graphic designer who has attracted worldwide attention and created a new whirlwind in the world of graphics. GUCCIMAZE's unique expressions of sharp lettering lines, dynamic typography, and beautiful yet eccentric and psychedelic color schemes stand out worldwide. The collaboration with GUCCIMAZE, the leader of the Acid Graphics trend, is realized in PRODUCTS 2.

The custom waterproof sticker sheet sublimates a variety of products into XG MERCH.

Small: Approx. 680mm (length) x 520mm (shoulder width) x 540mm (body width) x 580mm (sleeve length)
Medium: Approx. 720mm (length) x 560mm (shoulder width) x 580mm (body width) x 600mm (sleeve length)
Large: Approx. 740mm (length) x 580mm (shoulder width) x 600mm (body width) x 610mm (sleeve length)
X-Large: Approx. 760mm (length) x 600mm (shoulder width) x 620mm (body width) x 620mm (sleeve length)

Small: Approx. 330g
Medium: Approx. 350g
Large: Approx. 370g
X-Large: Approx. 380g
【Material】100% cotton
【Country of origin】China

●As dark-colored products may cause color transfer to other laundry due to the nature of the dye, wash them separately.
●To prevent some cracking and peeling of the print, please turn the product inside out and wash it separately.
●Use non-fluorescent detergent for light-colored products.
●Do not use bleach, bleach-based detergents, or chlorine bleach, as it may cause discoloration or fading.
●Shape and hang dry immediately after washing.
●Do not tumble (dryer) dry.
●Do not iron on the prints.
●Please note that color fading or color transfer may occur due to friction (especially when wet) or use in wet conditions caused by rain or perspiration.
●Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity, or near a fire as this may cause discoloration or fading.
●Due to the nature of the material and the printing method, the printed surface of this product may appear uneven, but this does not pose a quality problem.
●Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.

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