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Release date:August 5, 2023
Scheduled shipping date:Shipping is expected to commence in mid October.

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Shipping is expected to commence in mid October 2023.
*If multiple products are purchased with varying estimated delivery dates, they will be shipped together once the later-arriving product becomes available.
*If purchased alongside the [Pre-order item] 1st Mini Album 'NEW DNA,' it will be shipped alongside the 1st Mini Album 'NEW DNA' in mid October.
*Kindly note that separately ordered items cannot be combined for shipping purposes.

The unique and diverse "ALPHAZ" (wolf) designs, individually created by each member, have been transformed into three-dimensional acrylic keyholders using UV inkjet technology. The intricate details and coloring of the illustrations have been faithfully reproduced, and they come with detachable "ALPHAZ" charms. Additionally, the P-BOX (vacuum-formed plastic case) can be reused multiple times, providing protection for the product from impacts and can even be used as a case itself.

Body: Approx. 90 mm (Width) x 70 mm (Length) x 3 mm or less (Height)
P-BOX: Approx. 89 mm (Length) x 118 mm (Width) x 30 mm (Height)
【Weight】Approx. 40g
Body: Acrylic
Metal: Zinc alloy
P-BOX: PET, polyurethane

【Country of Origin】 China

※During transportation, the products may show slight scratches, rubbing, dents, bends, tears, or stains. The packaging is intended to protect the products from such damages and is not part of the product itself. Therefore, we do not accept returns or exchanges for damages that do not affect the actual product. Please understand this beforehand.

●Do not use or store in direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity, or near a fire.
●Please keep the product out of the reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion.
●Do not swing, pull, or give any other strong impact to the product as this may cause deformation or breakage, which may result in unexpected injury.
●Please be careful not to pinch your fingers or other objects in the moving parts, as this may cause injury or other hazards.
●This product has sharp edges due to its design. Please handle with care as it may cause unexpected injury.
●If soiled, wipe with a soft cloth, gauze, or damp towel.
●Please be careful not to damage the surface of the product with sharp-edged objects.
●Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.


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