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《Ships sequentially from late June onward│6月下旬以降順次出荷》XG OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK Ver.1(w/XG Trading Card / Set of 7)

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Release date:May 1, 2024
Scheduled shipping date:Ships sequentially from late June onward

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For those who wish to use the items at the Osaka performances on May 18 (Sat), and 19 (Sun), and the Yokohama performances on May 25 (Sat), and 26 (Sun), please be sure to use the venue pickup service or venue sales.

Finally, the official XG light stick is now available! With a design reminiscent of a spaceship and featuring a trigger-type button, it can switch between seven member colours and auto colour change in normal performance mode. By registering your seat via the dedicated ‘XG OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK’ app, you can enjoy the light effects and sense of unity linked to the stage through the wireless control function. The openable cockpit comes with XG parts by default and is ready for immediate use. The highly detailed packaging box looks like a toy space gun and comes with a set of 'XG Trading Cards' featuring all seven members.
The members can be customised by combining them with the ‘XG OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK Ver.1 Custom Parts’ and ‘LIGHT STICK Custom Strap’ sold at the same time.

*This product does not come with batteries. Alkaline AAA batteries x 3 (sold separately) must be inserted. 

● Avoid high temperatures and high humidity and store at room temperature when storing.
Avoid looking directly at the LED light up close.
Do not disassemble the product, subject it to strong shocks or use it in water or near fire. Doing so may cause product failure.
Always use alkaline AAA batteries when replacing the batteries. Use of other batteries (e.g. manganese batteries) may cause the product to malfunction or not operate properly.
When replacing batteries, replace all batteries (3 pcs).
When storing the product, remove the batteries to prevent damage to the product due to battery leakage.
Always keep batteries out of the reach of children and dispose of expired batteries in accordance with the specified disposal method.
Always check the ‘plus (+) minus (-)’ of the batteries before installing them in the correct direction. (Incorrect installation may cause the product to malfunction, resulting in fire or burns.)
If the batteries suddenly become hot during use, remove them immediately and contact the penlight support desk at the venue or the contact person.
● If you suddenly lose control of the penlight during a performance or the red light remains on, replace the batteries with new batteries (3 pcs) as they are depleted.
● We recommend that you replace the batteries with new ones (3 pcs.) before each performance.
In rare cases, there is a possibility of interference with radio waves from wireless devices used in the performance, but this is not a malfunction.

<How to insert and replace batteries.
1. After turning the cap at the bottom, remove the battery socket inside.
Insert three AAA batteries (sold separately) into the battery socket as shown in the diagram.
(Check the + and - poles. The side with the spring is the - pole and the side without the spring is the + pole)
3. After inserting the socket with batteries as shown in the diagram, turn the bottom cap according to the direction of the arrow.
(Inserting the battery socket upside down may cause the product not to work. It may also cause the product to malfunction.)

<Product features and use.
XG OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK Ver.1 is equipped with a radio control function. 
● Power setting: The slide button on the back of the main unit has three patterns. (Up: Power ON, Middle: Power OFF, Down: Bluetooth mode).

1. When the slide button is raised to the top, it lights up and is in normal performance mode. (Initial colour: WHITE)
2.When the slide button is in the middle, the power is switched off and the light turns off.
3. When the slide button is lowered, the unit switches to 'Bluetooth mode' and flashes blue. (Please use this mode to enter seat information.) 

● LED mode setting: in normal performance mode, each press of the mode button switches the colour as follows. WHITE] → [YELLOW] → [BLUE] → [PURPLE] → [ORANGE] → [RED] → [GREEN] → [AUTO COLOUR].
During a performance, be sure to switch to the normal performance mode.
For performances with seat control, it is necessary to register seats via the dedicated app.


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