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STTOKE Reusable Cup GRANDE / Midnight Black

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As part of the SDGs, we resonated with the reusable cup "STTOKE" from Australia that combines "design and ecology" and placed a special order for this large-capacity GRANDE size vacuum-insulated tumbler.
The lid has been updated to a completely airtight model that does not fill up even when the tumbler is laid on its side.
The luxurious design is laser-engraved with the XG logo, and the color is a limited edition midnight black.

STTOKE is a reusable cup from Australia that combines "beauty and ecology."

STTOKE won the 2018 Australian Good Design Award Gold in its debut year for its high design as well as its functionality. Its elegant design enriches your lifestyle just by using it.

1. Ceramic Coating
The inside of the cup, which is in direct contact with the beverage, is coated with German Greblon® Ceramic.

The body is made of stainless steel. With ceramic coating only on the inside, it shuts out metallic odors and preserves the original taste and aroma of the beverage.

The technology and safety of German Greblon® Ceramic coatings have also been certified by independent organizations such as TÜV Rheinland.

2. Superior Hot and Cold Retention by Vacuum-Insulated Structure
STTOKE has a double-insulated structure for firm insulation. It provides superior hot and cold retention effects.
It is lightweight and portable, yet boasts specifications that keep beverage hot for 3 hours and cold for 6 hours (Temperature drop: 2°C in 10 minutes / Temperature rise: 2°C in 6 hours).
*Please note that the temperature may be greatly affected by the environment such as room temperature.

Since the outside and inside are well insulated, the heat of the contents will not be transferred to the hand, eliminating the risk of burns. No condensation occurs even when cold beverage is placed in the tumbler, and ice will not melt over a long period of time.

It fits all sizes offered by major coffee chains, so you can use it as your personal cup.

3. Beautiful Design
The silhouette of the rim (mouth) spreading out in a smooth curve enhances both beauty and convenience of the cup.
First of all, the cup fits in your hand and is very easy to hold. It also features easy drinking because the contents flow into your mouth with only a slight tilt.
The wide mouth also makes it easy to wash and suitable for beverages such as lattes.

4. Special Parts
The bottom of STTOKE is fitted with a rubber part that prevents the cup from slipping when being placed on the desk and reduces the risk of tipping over the cup. In addition, it also plays a role in shock absorption. Have you ever made a loud noise when placing a mug in a quiet office? With STTOKE, you can enjoy your drink without stress.

If you can't finish your drink, you can still take it out by putting the STTOKE LID on. The new model has been improved to be less prone to leakage and more worry-free than before. It can be used seamlessly from on the go to home.
*Be sure to read the "Cautions for Use" on the package before use.

【Size】Approx. 174 mm (Height) x 70 mm (Width)
【Weight】Approx. 310g
【Material】Body: Stainless Steel Lid: Plastic (BPA-Free)
【Country of origin】China

*The lid has proven to be 100% leak-proof under the in-house test environment. However, 100% leak-proof depends on the environment in which the cup is used, we cannot compensate for any loss due to leakage.


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