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Limited CD BOX set for XG’s 3rd single, “SHOOTING STAR” on sale!
“SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT RIGHT” are XG’s first double-A side single.

The two tracks share the concepts of “Trust URSELF&Be what U want to be”, and make heavy use of hip-hop/R&B elements, which are fundamental to XG’s roots.
“SHOOTING STAR” features a spacy, dream-like soundscape and varied arrangements, underlined by XG’s aspirations of becoming a global group.
The lyric in “LEFT RIGHT”, “The only direction I know,” is XG’s pledge to keep pushing forward without being influenced by others.The two tracks musically represent XG’s dream of moving forward in the world and onto the next evolution.

The CD box is specially designed to reflect the ethereal world of "SHOOTING STAR", featuring a metallic aurora design.

The package includes a luxurious photo book resembling a concept book, an accordion-style postcard that can be cut and used, two XG logo stickers, and one randomly selected trading card, from a collection of seven.

This is an artwork that encapsulates the concept of XG's "SHOOTING STAR" and next stage, please enjoy it.



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