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【Online Meet & Greet Application Included】WOKE UP

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Release date:May 21, 2024
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"WOKE UP" marks XG's first all-rap song, featuring a groundbreaking track with 808 bass infused with sounds unique to East Asia. The distinctive rap performances of each member exude a powerful hip-hop identity, promising an encounter with the indefinable "Xtraordinary Girls."

JAKOPS (SIMON), the representative and executive producer of XGALX, embeds XG's unique philosophy of breaking stereotypes into the song, as seen in addictive chorus lines like "WOKE UP LOOKIN' LIKE THIS."


[Exclusive bonus]
・Special Code for an online chat with XG

◆About Special Code for an online chat with XG
◇ Event Details:
Individual Online Talk with Members
*You will have the opportunity to engage in a one-minute online discussion with your desired member.

◇ Event Schedule
To be announced *To be disclosed at a later date

◇ Application Period
From May 21, 2024 (Tue) 10:00 (JST/KST)

Until June 4, 2024 (Tue) 23:59 (JST/KST)
*Depending on the destination country/region and delivery method, it may not be possible to meet the acceptance period.

◇Event Site
*The application page will be open on May 21, 2024 (Tue) 10:00 (JST/KST)

・TRADING CARD -XG OFFICIAL SHOP Ver.-(One random type out of seven total)

【"ALPHAZ" Members Exclusive Benefits Lottery Prize】
・Invitation to "ALPHAZ Members Only Online Meet & Greet" Online Chat with All 7 XG Members
* Photo session included! Multiple people, including winners, can participate.

・By placing an order for the product labeled with "Online Meet & Greet Application Included," you will automatically be entered into the application process. There is no need for further application procedures on your part.
・Please note that even within the sales period, sales may end if the planned number of units is reached. Thank you for your understanding.
・This product is only available for purchase by XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB "ALPHAZ" members. Membership registration for XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB "ALPHAZ" is available here: https://xg.pasch.fan/

■ About the Lottery Bonus "ALPHAZ Members Only Online Meet & Greet"
◇Event Details
・Participants who order any of the eligible products will be entered into a lottery for a chance to be invited to an online talk with 7 XG members.
・Communication with the members is scheduled for approximately 1 minute per group.
・There will be a photo session during the allocated time. Please create lasting memories with the XG members.
・Multiple individuals, including winners, can participate in the online talk, but participation will be limited to the number of people visible on the screen.
・Communication during the event (including guidance and talks with XG members) will be conducted in English, Japanese, or Korean.
・The online talk will be conducted using the "WithLIVE Meet&Greet" application.
<WithLIVE Meet&Greet Application>
iOS : https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1525271943
Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.withlive.greet.meet
※ Please note that the application is exclusively for smartphones or tablets and cannot be accessed from a computer.
※ iOS 11.0 or later, and Android 6.0 or later are required for compatibility.
・If you do not wish to apply for this event, you can still purchase products with the "TRADING CARD" bonus only.
・Regardless of the lottery results, one "TRADING CARD" bonus will be included with each eligible product purchased, in addition to one item according to the bonus content of the eligible product.

◇ Event Schedule
To be announced at a later date

◇ Sales Period for Products with Lottery Entry Benefits
From Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 17:00 (JST/KST)
※ The end date of sales will be announced at a later date.

◇ Announcement of Winners
・Winners will be selected through a fair lottery process, and notification emails will be sent to the registered email addresses of the winners. Please ensure that your email address is correctly entered during the ordering process.
・The date of the winner announcement will be provided at a later date.
・The winner announcement will be made through the delivery of notification emails.
・If you do not receive the winner notification email due to reasons such as domain-specific reception settings, the winning entry will be invalidated. We regret that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the results of application.
・If you have domain-specific reception settings enabled, please consider removing these settings or adding (shop.xgalx.com) to the allowed domains.

◇ Precautions
・Only the person who placed the order will be considered as the winner. Please note that participation in this event is not transferable or allowed through resale, delegation by friends or family members, etc.
・Please place your order under the name of the individual who wishes to participate.
・Once the order process is completed, cancellations, changes to the orderer's information, or changes to participation in the lottery entry benefits cannot be made.
・This event will take place after the reception (identity verification) of the winners on the event day.
・Identification may be required for the reception (identity verification) of the winners on the event day. Once verification is complete, permission to participate in the online talk will be granted. Please prepare the required identification document before participating, as detailed instructions will be provided in the winner notification email.
・Participants will be invited to the event in random order. Please note that requests for specific order preferences will not be accommodated.
・Recording, audio recording, screenshots, or any other form of capturing communication during the online talk, except during the designated photo session, is strictly prohibited. If discovered, the online talk will be terminated immediately.
・Please be aware that video distortion may occur due to your communication environment. Please participate from an environment with stable communication conditions. If your communication environment is unstable, there may be issues such as freezing that prevent comfortable use.
・Additional communication fees may apply when using mobile phone networks. Please note that communication fees are the responsibility of the customer, and if you are not using a service with a fixed communication fee, please be cautious.
・The organizers and WithLIVE are not responsible for any malfunctions or interruptions caused by issues with your mobile phone, network environment, etc. Additionally, the organizers and WithLIVE are not responsible for any damages caused by these events. Only in the event of system malfunctions originating from the organizer or the WithLIVE Meet&Greet system will alternative arrangements be made.
・We cannot accommodate situations where viewing or operation becomes impossible due to circumstances such as inability to view in your area or other reasons. Please understand this in advance.
・There is a possibility of sudden member absence due to reasons such as poor health.
・In the event of unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters related to COVID-19, illness or accidents of performers, transportation failures, equipment malfunctions, etc., the organizers may, at their discretion, cancel, postpone, or change the date, time, or content of the event. Please note that refunds for the product price will not be provided in these cases.

It will be reflected on HANTEO chart.
* The HANTEO chart is only reflected in member stores, and XG OFFICIAL SHOP will become a member store of the HANTEO chart in 2023.



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